Lash Blossom - Eyelash Extensions & Brow

Eyelash Extensions are very popular service for special occasions. Birthday, Wedding, Parties, Graduations!

They are also perfect for day-to-day wear. You will be looking fabulous every day! Extensions are applied to each individual eyelash for a natural, beautiful and glamorous look.

At Lash Blossom, a professional lash specialist will add curl, volume, and length each individual lash. The look and feel of eyelash extensions can be completely natural looking and or glamorous, or can be intense. It all depends on the style YOU choose with our experienced lash stylist!

Our lash selections: Premium Silk, Elegant Mink, Length available from 6mm to 15mm.

Once lashes are selected, they will be applied using specially formulated and semi-permanent safe glue onto each natural eyelash.

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Lash Blossom - Eyelash Extensions & Brow
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