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Me2 Miniatures was born from the desire to bring memories to life. They offer people the amazing opportunity to relive the most beautiful moments in their lives. We use the most detailed and fast technology capable of collecting 3D data and process it into superb miniature figurines of…you.

What are the 3D printed figurines made of?

They’re made out of passion and dedication, and a really cool patent material that looks and feels like plaster, but it’s called VisiJet® PXL™.

Why VisiJet® PXL™?

Because it’s currently the best material on the market that delivers flawless full-colour printing. VisiJet® PXL™ guarantees:

  • durability
  • amazing resolution
  • perfect whites
  • extraordinary
  • color accuracy

Isn’t it time for the ultimate lifelike 3D printed figurine of yourself ? Visit us at The Dymocks Building soon!

ME2 Miniatures
ME2 Miniatures
ME2 Miniatures
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ME2 Miniatures
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