The Travel Doctor – TMVC

Travel Doctor TMVC is one of the largest suppliers of travel medicine services in the world with a number of clinics throughout Australia & New Zealand, and a growing list of international associates.

All of our doctors and nurses are trained in travel medicine and we offer completely up-to-date international advice.

The Travel Doctor is an accredited Yellow Fever vaccination centre with all of our vaccines and products on site, meaning no need to travel back and forth to the pharmacy with scripts!

We provide the following services:

  • Individual medical advice on international health risks specific to your destination, including advice on malaria, dengue fever, eating and drinking safely
  • Provision of medical/ first aid kits, travel accessories, repellents etc
  • Fitness to travel certificates
  • Visa Medicals
  • OGUK medical certification

The ideal time to make an appointment to see one of our doctors is six weeks prior to the trip but it is really never too late to be seen.

Our website provides health alerts and has a great deal of useful information (both general and in relation to the countries you are planning to visit).

Request an appointment online or give us a call on (02) 9221 7133.

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The Travel Doctor – TMVC
The Travel Doctor – TMVC opening hours


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