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There are 10 levels of unique retail stores to explore in The Dymocks Building
- Shopping Centre Sydney.

You won’t discover the secrets until you venture above, where every floor is different in The Dymocks Building shopping centre Sydney.

Explore our wide selection of specialty stores offering everything from boutique beauty treatments, financial advice and first aid training to high end bridal gowns to custom tailored suits.

Find the beauty of this hidden gem spread across 10 extraordinary levels of shopping and professional services in Levels 1-10 428 George Street Sydney.

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A range of stores to explore spread across 10 levels in a unique shopping centre Sydney experience!

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This hidden gem is home to over 120 specialty stores and businesses specialising in fashion, weddings, jewellery, health, personal & professional services, it’s safe to say you’ll be spoilt for choice in our shopping centre Sydney.

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Expect the unexpected!
Shop The Dymocks Building Levels 1-10 George St Sydney

We are the only Shopping centre sydney that are dedicated to the passionate, hardworking business owners who have committed their lives to sharing their passion. Above all this is for the dressmakers, the designers, the jewellers, the collectors, the tailors & the professionals that make our building so unique.

Without a doubt you won't discover the secrets until you venture above where every floor is different.