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Our Mission

We are dedicated to fulfilling your desire for beautiful, hair-free skin. We aim to remove hair once – permanently – and we back the work of our skilled therapists and unique equipment with our 100% Guarantee.

Our Technique

At Permanence, we use our own refinement of the galvanic multi-probe electrolysis method to treat each individual follicle of unwanted hair. Our method not only removes the hair, it also removes the follicle’s ability to ever grow hair again.

Multi-probe electrology is accurate. Treating individual hairs allows us to sculpt hairlines along the scalp, brows or bikini line with absolute accuracy.

Multi-probe electrology is safe. Galvanic electrology has been in use for over one hundred years. Its safety and success has been well documented around the world.

Multi-probe electrology is permanent. Electrology is the only method permitted to describe its results as permanent hair removal by the American FDA.

Multi-probe electrology is cost-effective. Removing hair once and permanently means ending the regular financial strain of repetitive laser treatments, waxes or other temporary solutions.

Our Care Plan

Our clinic provides a private and comfortable environment for your treatment. Your progress will be reviewed at the start of each session with your therapist and a photo record can be kept of your treatment area to accurately monitor your progress.


After my Permanence treatments, I felt comfortable to look people in the eye again, work and cuddle my little ones. All the priceless things in life. I know there are a lot of women out there who are in worse situations and that’s why I felt so strongly to tell my story. – Theresa

To the new and future customers, I highly recommend this wonderful clinic for all of your removal needs. – Dominic