The Dymocks Building


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MON 7:15AM – 7:30PM
TUE 7:15AM – 7:30PM
WED 7:15AM – 7:30PM
THUR 7:15AM – 7:30PM
FRI 7:15AM – 6:30PM
SAT 9:30AM – 11:30PM
SUN Closed

The Dymocks Building

@The Barre Studio is proud to be the only studio in the Sydney’s CBD offering its signature classes @theBarre Lyrical, @theBarre Amplify and Barre Attack

These classes fuse legendary techniques from Pilates, Yoga, Ballet & gym fitness. We provide a serious all over body workout with special attention
to the dreaded problem area’s – legs, bottom, thighs and arms!

Barre classes are fun and can be easily modified for any fitness level; you do not require any ballet, Yoga or Pilates experience, just a fun attitude
and a willingness to work hard to make changes.

Some of the benefits of barre fitness are:

Sculpted, toned bottom, thighs, abdominals & arms

Strengthened core and back muscles

Increased flexibility and mobility

Improved posture and balance

Increased co-ordination for everyday activities

In the words of the Australian creator of @thebarre, Liza Kloeckner:

“If you aren’t having fun exercising what’s the point? Join me as we turn exercise in wellness and fun!” 

All classes are 55 minutes except lunchtime classes which are 45 min Power Barre classes:

Mon to Thurs  

 7.15AM – 8.10AM



12.15PM – 1.00PM


1.10PM – 1.55PM

 5.30PM – 6.25PM


6.30PM – 7.25PM




7.15AM – 8.10AM



12.15PM – 1.00PM


1.10PM – 1.55PM

 5.30PM – 6.25PM








9.30AM – 10.25AM


10.30PM – 11.25AM


Instructor Training Courses @The Barre Studio – Accredited Australian Group Fitness Training Courses for Professionals Only

@The Barre Studio offers accredited Australian group fitness training courses for professionals. @theBarre Lyrical and @theBarre Amplify are Barre Fitness programs fusing Pilates, Fitness Training, Yoga, Ballet and various dance forms. The classes utilise the Ballet Barre, resistance
bands, small balls, gliding discs, weights and yoga blocks to integrate Pilates fundamentals, strong core work, functional low impact gym exercises
and dance for a complete all round fun workout.

@theBarre Lyrical and @theBarre Amplify were created by Australian fitness expert Liza Gishen-Kloeckner and are offered
at both @theBarre locations in Sydney and around Australia.

Courses are open to all fitness experts with a Cert 3/4 in group fitness from a recognised Australian institution such as FIA, and training in any
Les Mills course, Pilates, Ballet, Yoga or group fitness.

For more information on how to enrol in Instructor Training courses, please visit and visit the ‘What’s On’ menu.