Upgrade of The Goods Lift

The Dymocks Building, built between 1928 and 1930, is the headquarters of Australia's foremost book store and vertical shopping arcade. Generations of shoppers have passed by the modest Goods Lift in the Dymocks Building, possibly unaware of its role and regularly resupplying stock to the upper floors. Goods Lifts 5 and 6 symbolise the enormous commercial activity the building facilitates.
The Dymocks’ Goods Lifts were designed to carry heavy loads and had a rugged, timber-panelled interior finish to prevent damage while loading and unloading. Metal scissor opening doors provided additional protection.
Located on each arcade level of the Dymocks Building, the Good Lifts are the back-of-house, concealed behind a showcase and adjoining the WCs.
In 2016, Goods Lift 5 and 6 were replaced to comply with current building standards. Original Otis plant room lift equipment, now decommissioned, has been retained on the roof level. Some lift elements, including lift call buttons and level indicators, have been retained and displayed near the Goods Lifts.

For further information regarding the upgrade to the Goods Lift 5 and 6 please review the PDF: Goods Lifts Goods Lifts (3491 KB)