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A Man’s Guide To Buying The Perfect Engagement Ring with Ronald Crisp


Ronald Crisp Jewellery Designer shares with us a guide to buying an engagement ring, the most distinctive piece of jewellery your bride-to-be will ever
wear. It is the representation of the love you share and will be with her for life. Finding the perfect engagement ring can be just as difficult as
finding the one you want to marry. To help you on your way, here are a few tried and tested tips.

Consider the four C’s

The four C’s cover the carat, cut, colour and clarity of the diamond. These describe both the quality and the style of the diamond which are the first
aspects to consider when designing a custom engagement ring.


The carat discusses the weight of the diamond, and therefore is related to the size of the diamond overall. How big should the diamond be? This is dependent
upon the individual style and taste of you and your bride.


The cut of the diamond is an extremely important aspect of the diamond you choose. The cut describes the specific facets of the diamond, specifically the
proportions of the stone or the height and depth of the facets. This is important as the makeup affects the way light enters the diamond and is released
giving off that distinctive shine.


Ideally, a diamond should look completely colourless as it then releases the maximum amount of light. Colourless diamonds are therefore the most valuable.
Diamonds and graded on a spectrum of colourless through to very yellow light.


Diamonds naturally have inclusions of varying intensity, these are imperfections in the form of crystals, clouds or feathers under a 10 times magnification.
Stones are more valuable when they have fewer inclusions.

Match the ring to her personal style

While it is important to ensure the quality of the diamond you are choosing, there is no use if you are setting the stone in a ring she will not love.

In order to match to her personal style there are a few tips you can try:

Ask her friends, mum or sister

Your most valuable asset is those close to your bride. It is likely that she has discussed styles with them or at least earmarked some rings while spending
time with them. They will know her personal style, whether she loves vintage settings, modern designs or unique styles.

Look through her current jewellery collection

While the engagement ring should be something special, an understanding of what your bride already wears will give insight into the type of ring she may
desire. If you are unsure you can take pictures and bring them with you to your appointment with Ronald Crisp in Sydney.

Tips for the perfect fit

The best way to get the perfect fit is to bring her in for a fitting to our Sydney store. If you want the proposal to be a complete surprise we recommend
bringing in a friend with a similar hand size or bringing in a ring she wears on her left hand.

Create the perfect engagement ring with Ronald Crisp Designer Jewellery Sydney CBD