Create Your Own Family Heirloom At John W. Thompson and Son


Family is an important part of many of our lives, the bond that families share is often hard to express, which why a seal engraved signet ring can be a perfect family heirloom to represent that unique connection you share with your family members…

It’s never too late to create a new family heirloom that can be treasured by your family after you are gone. At John W. Thompson and Son in Sydney’s CBD
we can help create a hand engraved signet ring with your family’s seal to pass on from generation to generation in honour
of your family.

Create whatever you want:

Family seals, or crests are unique to each family name and while you may be unfamiliar with your particular family seal some families have passed theirs
on from generation to generation through pictures and drawings. A perfect way to keep this family seal cherished is with a seal engraved signet ring.
With signet rings, we often engrave a coat of arms, a family seal, or even just a unique message or symbol you wish to cherish. Signet rings are also
often used to celebrate teams, clubs or milestones that are important to you. The great thing about signet rings is that you can design them with whatever
you want!

The history of the seal engraved signet ring:

Seal engraved signet rings can be traced back to 3200BC, with a unique history. Originally seal rings were designed to be used as a device that could mark
your name without signing. They were used as opposed to a signature; seals were personal imprints, acting as markings of authenticity and bounding
agreements and edicts. They were used often in early civilisations and by the beginning of the 12th century were ubiquitous.

It is argued that no other form of jewellery has played such an important role throughout history or been involved in ancient customs or superstitions
like the signet ring. Today, with family’s embracing their history and family name more often, the seal engraved signet ring is still an iconic piece
of jewellery, bestowing the modern day owner with a sense of pride and distinction.

Get a custom designed signet ring:

If you’re less concerned with your family name and more interested in getting a unique signet ring with something special to yourself then we can help
design and create something special for you. At John W. Thompson and Son we can custom design and handcraft signet rings for your seals, crests and
coat of arms or to mark a special milestone. We often work with platinum, yellow, white or rose gold, when crafting custom signet rings; however, if
you have a special metal that you want engraved we can always work with you to create a positive result.

Our unique hand-made and engraved designer signet rings are of the highest quality craftsmanship. With a range of designs available you can work with our
Master Engravers, John and Peter, to custom design your signet ring from scratch. As our client we will work closely with you during the design process
which will allow us to create the piece that represents you best. This process starts with a personal design consultation with one of our master hand
engravers and will develop into a relationship as you participate in the designing process.

It’s never too late to make a new family heirloom that can be treasured by your family in years to come. Whether you’re looking to celebrate your family’s
name with a seal engraved ring or want to design a new signet ring to celebrate something special for yourself, then we can help design and create
your perfect signet ring.


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