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Buying a diamond because it is very cheap and looks good on paper will almost always fail to live up to your expectations in real life. Buying a diamond
is a lifetime investment and you want to make sure it is something your fiancée will love forever.

Diamond prices tend to be very steady and market based, at the carat sizes of 0.5carat-3 carats, there is not going to be huge jumps in price if the quality
is up to par with what is stated on the certificate.

From experience, if a diamond is listed hundreds, or even thousands of dollars less than others within the same quality and carat size, the chances are
something is very wrong with it that can’t be shown on the certificate. Below are some of the issues the diamond could have:

  • It can come from a poor material that makes it look dull
  • Inclusions specially clouds that make it look milky
  • Bad measurements
  • Uneven sparkle
  • Eye visible inclusions that seem harmless on the certificate
  • An inferior cut

The certificate we have placed below as an example, is one of a diamond you should avoid at all costs. Although the price may be attractive, the diamond
itself will be lifeless and cloudy. All these factors play a part in pricing and if something is not attractive, the seller will try to get rid of
it at a low price to an unknowing consumer who cannot visually inspect the diamond.

Those are what we refer to as “Internet Diamonds”



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