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Jewellery Valuation – Diamonds by Design


The most frequently asked question is why you should have your jewellery valued at all. Usually jewellery is appraised for insurance for replacement purposes,
but sometimes you may need a verbal professional opinion or a detailed written appraisal for an estate which is being valued for legal or taxation
purposes, a charitable contribution or a divorce settlement.


The next question is where to take your jewellery for a valuation. Since a valuation is nothing more than an expert opinion based on expertise and grounded
in both gemmological training and sales experience, you need to ask a knowledgeable, competent, qualified valuer, preferably a member of the National
Council of Jewellery Valuers.


Why do values vary is the next question. There is a big difference in the insurance or replacement value and the resale value, which is often simply break-up


What do insurance companies need in the way of a valuation? As a rule, insurance companies advise their clients to have new valuations done every three
to five years, particularly for more important pieces. A current description and valuation are paramount when settling an insurance claim for loss,
damage or theft. In order to be fully insured, items should usually be listed separately in your Contents Insurance Policy with their valuations. If
you claim, the valuations are proof you owned the items, and proof of their value. Valuations with photographs increase your chances of the successful
recovery of your jewellery.

How much?

Appraisal services should always be charged by the hour or a flat fee per piece, which depends on the intricacy of the jewellery. Obviously a simple wedding
band will cost less than an engagement ring set with stones.


The most important thing is to find a truthful, practised appraiser whom you can trust and who is not trying to sell you anything. Call Diamonds by Design
and ask for Karen. We fulfil all of the above criteria. And remember, the valuation protects you.


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