1924 – 1925

Demolition of the building known as the Royal Hotel started in 1924. John Forsyth engaged Mr F.H.B Walton to be the architect. Mr Walton conceived the
“Interwar Commercial Palazzo Style” of The Dymocks Building or as otherwise know as “The Block”. The Building was to house the “less elite”
or “bazaar” style of retailing, with specialty businesses offering a wide range of more unusual goods and services. At street-level it was of course
the home for The Dymocks Bookshop which has developed into the store you see today.



Construction of the current building commenced in 1926 by the builders – Beat Brothers for a contract price of 197,750 pounds.



The first half of the building was complete. Allowing us to celebrate our 90 year anniversary in 2018.



Due to the difficult conditions imposed by the Great Depression the reminder of the building was completed in 1932 with three tenants occupying the building.


1939 – 1945

Throughout World War II and for many years after, the building provided office space for many government departments.


Late 1980s

The Dymocks Building was restored, again to specialise in the unusual businesses for which it had been designed decades earlier.



Today it is home to over 120 specialty stores and businesses specialising in fashion, weddings, jewellery, health and well being and personal &
professional services. Commenting on the design, the magazine “Building” in 1929 stated, “…the facilities would appeal to those who object
to the noise and bustle of the traffic in the crowded city streets”.



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Image: Harvey, J. (1880). George Street Sydney. Showing Royal Hotel [picture]. Source: State Library of Victoria.