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The term Mermaid hair has evolved from Ariel’s red locks in The Little Mermaid to a colour frenzy that would make Lisa Frank proud. A quick Pinterest
search would generate hundreds of images showing colours that cover just about every spectrum of the rainbow. If you don’t believe the craze is real,
just ask Kylie Jenner.

Whether this hair phenomenon is a way of expressing oneself better or a mere love for all things neon and bright, it’s undeniable that more people are
hopping on the colour bandwagon. What’s more, achieving whimsical mermaid hair has never been as attainable as it is today. Our weapon of choice? A
magical hair dye called Arctic Fox.

Before we sound like a cheap infomercial, let us be upfront about one thing: Arctic Fox is the real deal. In a saturated market that promises long-lasting,
vibrant hair colour in unimaginable shades, Arctic Fox brings in the big guns. Don’t just take our word for it, though a quick comb of Arctic Fox’s
Instagram comments shows numerous ladies (and even gents) vouching for their products.

Even Arctic Fox founder Kristen Leanne is a devout user of her own products. Check out her awesome navy blue and purple hair tutorial:

As someone constantly underwhelmed by overpromising hair products, Kristen came up with a solution: to develop her own hair colour formula. After meeting
partners who shared her love for colour and self-expression, Arctic Fox was born.

100% vegan hair colour that won’t bleed out on your pillows, sheets or boyfriend

Unlike most hair dyes in the market, Arctic Fox does not contain animal by-products, ammonia, ethyl alcohol, peroxide, or PPD. The product lists 12 gentle
ingredients, some of which are non-GMO, plant-based proteins. While the brand is 100% vegan, pregnant users are still advised to consult their doctors
before usage.

Most hair dye users know that the brighter the shade, the lighter pre-coloured hair needs to be. Bleaching is a common step for those with darker hair
and this often leaves follicles dry and damaged. Arctic Fox helps manage dull bleached hair by including conditioning ingredients to their formula
such as Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride.

Arctic Fox promises vibrant colour that lasts from four up to eight weeks. Unlike other hair dyes, Arctic Fox starts out with a beautiful, highly pigmented
shade and gradually fades within the original colour spectrum. This retains the original tone instead of fading into an entirely different colour.

One of our favourite things about Arctic Fox is that it does not bleed out. Pure pigmented dyes don’ use peroxide and act only as hair stains. This makes
them more prone to transferring onto your skin and clothes. Arctic Fox’s tried-and-tested formula eliminates bleeding completely – no need to worry
about staining your sheets or turning your boyfriend into an Avatar.

Easy and mess-free application that will make your sink say “thank you”.

Now that we know Arctic Fox is the hair dye of our fantasies, the next question is obvious: will I be able to achieve the mermaid hair of my dreams without
looking like a unicorn threw up on me? The answer is a very cool and easy yes.

Arctic Fox uses a cream-based formula that’s easy to apply, preventing annoying drips that stain your skin, clothes, and bathroom floor. The dye also washes
off surfaces easily, sparing your sink from taking on a new colour every few weeks.

You can also do swatching if you want to explore outside of Arctic Fox’s colour selection. Mix your preferred dyes together and swipe a bit on tissue paper.
A word of caution: your hair is probably not as white as the tissue paper so remember to adjust the swatches accordingly.

Don’t forget to do a patch test to check for allergies before starting. Mix a bit of formula and dab it on the skin behind the ear or the inner fold of
the elbow. Leave the patch uncovered for 24 hours. If your skin shows no sign of irritation, you are well on your way to achieving mermaid hair.

Animal cruelty-free products that help like-hearted communities

As an animal lover herself, founder Kristen Leanne spent two years developing Arctic Fox into a brand that makes animals breathe a sigh of relief. Kristen
promises that they do not (and will never) test their products on animals. Even if you’re not vegan, sparing the lives of furry friends is a pretty
awesome cause.

Not only is Arctic Fox animal cruelty-free but it also contributes to communities that share the same heart. 15% of Arctic Fox sales go to the following
domestic organizations that fight animal abuse: Second Chance Animal Shelter, International Fund for Animal Welfare and Animal Hope & Wellness

Endless colour possibilities to satisfy your rainbow cravings

Now that we have the technical stuff down, it’s time for the fun part: picking out colours. Arctic Fox offers fully pigmented dyes in fun shades such as
Electric Paradise, Neon Moon, Porange, and the popular Purple Rain.
If you want to combine two or more colours, we have a few samples from Arctic Fox users that will help unleash your creativity:

Some of our favourites include ombré and balayage techniques. If those are too risky for you, a fun two or three-tone look should be your best bet. When
it comes to mermaid magic, the sky is the limit.

If you can’t choose a colour, why not do them all? Watch Kristen Leanne do a fun rainbow tutorial on her husband:

If you’re more of a pastel person, you can tone down colour vibrancy using the Arctic Mist. It’s a diluter and toner that you can mix in with the dye to
create lighter shades. However, this product only lightens dyes so if you’re looking to turn your hair pristine white, it is best to seek a hair professional.

With an arsenal of colours that can be easily applied from the comforts of home, mermaid hair is no longer a fairy tale away.

As Arctic Fox would say, “dye for a cause!”




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