The most asked questions about Engagement Rings


Of course the first question is, inevitably, how much… It really does make sense to start with how much you can spend. Whatever that may be, you
will end up with a ring that you both adore — that signifies love, and perhaps lust, and will bring you joy and jubilation and happy memories
for the rest of your lives. Parameters are essential though — and a jeweller whom you trust and who understands your tastes and limitations.
The pressure is intense from family and friends, and you must not let it overwhelm your relationship. Don’t go into debt — just buy the best
ring you can afford.


The second question concerns fashion — and it is wiser to stick to tradition for something you plan to wear every day. Think of your lifestyle and
choose a design that fits in with it. If you are in glamour, then you may want an exotic, glittering ring, but if you garden, ride and swim, then a
hard-wearing reliable setting may be wiser. The ring has to suit you and your way of life. And remember, if you choose good stones then they can always
be reset in another style if your taste or circumstances should change.

Which Stone? Gold or Platinum?

And the third is what stone to choose and whether it should be set in yellow or white gold — or platinum. In Australia over 90 per cent of engagement
rings have diamonds in them and the average price paid for an engagement ring is about $5,000. But those are just industry figures and not necessarily
relevant to you. Which is your favourite stone? What would you like to wear all the time? What colour do you like best? That goes for the setting too
— are you a gold or silver person? Which goes best with what you usually wear and with the gemstone you have chosen?

Trust your jeweller

There are lots of other questions too, of course, but those are the ones every engaged couple tends to ask. And of course the essential response to all
of them is to go to a good, reliable, qualified jeweller who is a member of a trade association.

Whatever you decide on for the girl of your dreams, ring her at Diamonds by Design. We’ll make you an engagement ring that will last her whole life long.


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