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The New Era of Engagement Rings by Diamonds by Design



The New Era of Engagement Rings

Throughout history, the engagement ring has been a symbol of love. Even cavemen made chains with twine and other materials as tokens of their affection. Later it became traditional for the Ancient Egyptians to place a circular ring on the fourth finger of the left hand as a sign of commitment. And as time passed fashions in engagement rings kept pace.

Early engagement rings

If history books are to be believed, diamond engagement rings date back further than you might think: Mary of Burgundy is said to have received the first diamond engagement ring in the 1400s. The ring, given to her by Archduke Maximilian, was simple but striking, however such rings remained unusual.

As time went on so did the availability and the giving of rings. For instance, in the 1800s the engagement ring became available by mail order and by the 1920s it was no longer the preserve of females and a male engagement ring was introduced – but the concept wasn’t a great success then.

Leaping ahead to the millennium

The millennium was the start of a new era for many things, including the engagement ring. In this decade, according to Reader’s Digest, even Walmart introduced its own bestselling range of diamonds.

This was when we saw a revival of classic cuts. The emerald cut came back into fashion, largely because of celebrity couples, and vintage engagement rings became a trend as well.

The new era

Although styles are forever changing, there has been one constant: the solitaire diamond engagement ring. It consists of one simple gem, but that doesn’t give it any less meaning than the more elaborate designs. The solitaire is popular worldwide and this classic, iconic style isn’t likely to go out of fashion.

As you can see, the engagement ring has taken on many forms over the years. Rings have become more elaborate and eye-catching, but the single solitaire continues to shine.

Whether you are looking for a show-stopping ring or a simpler but still stunning ring, speak to the experts at Diamonds by Design.