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Recently, Boneham Optometrists posted an article on their website regarding the safety of contact lens wear during the COVID pandemic. Below are some important tips and cleaning procedures for hard lenses and glasses wearers to  make sure that you are looking after the lenses correctly:

  1. Wash your hands properly.
  2. Clean your lenses using a dedicated lens cleaning product e.g. Boston Lens Cleaner, Optimum Extra strength Cleaner, Menicon Spray and Clean.
  3. Rinse the cleaner off with saline (no water)
  4. Store your lenses in the storing solution of your choice. Either Conditioning Solution or, for those who use it, AOSEPT.
  5. On insertion, a quick rinse with saline is advisable.
  6. Throw out any old solution remaining  in the contact lens container and give the container and the lids a strong rub with lint-free tissue. Once dry, close the container until next use.
  7. Once a month, deep clean your hard lenses with Progent.
  8. Remember, do not use water at any step in the cleaning, rinsing or storing of your lenses.

For questions or further information about how to care for your hard lenses or contact lenses during this period, contact Boneham Optometrist Eyecare Plus on (02) 9264 6784 or visit our website: