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What to Avoid Doing or Not Doing with La Couturier Alterations


So you’ve said yes to the dress, but there just those last minute touch up’s to make it perfect, right? That’s where La Couturier Alterations can
come in. Sometimes organising the alterations can be as stressful as actually buying the dress! The team at La Couturier Alterations have come up with a simple list of 12 actions or inactions you should avoid during your
wedding dress alterations process:

  1. Not wearing your wedding shoes to your fitting sessions.
  2. Trying to get many areas on the dress altered with an unreasonably small budget.
  3. Not thinking about alterations before you place order on your wedding dress.
  4. Expecting a discounted sample wedding dress has the same quality of make as a full priced dress and the amount of alterations required are the same.
  5. Not allowing enough time for alterations.
  6. Skipping fitting sessions.
  7. Not trying on the dress at pick up.
  8. Eating or drinking too much or too little before each fitting session.
  9. Bringing your whole family or a bunch of friends to all your fitting sessions.
  10. Not listening to the advice given to you by your wedding dress alterations specialist.
  11. Letting emotions and egos ruining your common sense and decision making.
  12. Failing to effectively communicate with your alterations specialist, especially when it comes to weight and body changes.
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