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Maree Kearns B.App.Sc(ACU), RN, Dip. Shiatsu & Nutrition works with patients using Five Element & Traditional Acupuncture, addressing the individual’s constitutional element supporting growth, change and stress management.

Acupuncture is a system of drug free healing with its unique form of diagnosis and identification of imbalances that may contribute to symptoms.

Over 2000 years ago, Chinese medical writings described the acupuncture channels and meridians. Traditional acupuncturists believe that stimulation of precise acupuncture points when applied on the basis of diagnosis, will aid the body’s own defence and self healing systems, hence promoting the treatment of symptoms in a broad category of illness.

Acupuncture may offer help with pain relief, stress management and overall health and vitality. As a holistic therapy, acupuncture embraces the mind/body/spirit aspects of the individual. Lifestyle and dietary recommendations may also be made.

Maree has long standing experience in both Chinese, Japanese and Five Element / Five Emotions Traditional Acupuncture.

Maree Kearns is also a registered nurse.

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