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About the Practice

Since this practice was established over 20 years ago, our philosophy has always been to provide the best possible service through the latest innovations in Optometry. We provide a wide range of services which we have built up over the years.

Good Vision

Regular eye examinations should be part of your general health care programme. They can reveal health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure and diseases of the eyes themselves such as cataracts and glaucoma. For most people good vision depends on having the right prescription for the right activity. For instance, in the computerised 21st century we all spend more time at VDUs. The glasses or contact lenses you need for this distance may not be the pair you need for reading or playing sport.

Optimum Eyecare

When you deal with a professional Optometrist the service doesn’t stop at the examination. From your very first visit your optometrist records invaluable information concerning the status of your eyes. At each regular examination your optometrist will monitor your eyes to ensure they are healthy. Extensive knowledge of new products and latest developments in technology enables your Optometrist to select and prescribe glasses and contact lenses which provide the best and most comfortable vision for you. Your Optometrist also takes responsibility for making sure your contact lenses are a perfect fit and supervises the manufacture of your glasses to ensure their quality. This individual eyecare management programme, an in-house laboratory and guarantee replacement policy are all part of the optimum service program now in our practice.

Frame Selection

Choosing the right frame is just as important as having the right lenses. A frame needs to suit your face, your image and your activities. Our staff are trained to help you choose the right frame. Our dispensary is designed to give you an extensive choice of popular and unusual styles. Our frames are chosen for their quality as well as style and are all guaranteed against breakage for at least 12 months and some brands even up to 24 months.

Emergency Services

Emergency appointments are available every day for patients with urgent problems. If your eyes are red, sore or you have any sudden loss of vision please contact us immediately. Our emergency after hours phone number to call is 0405 453 236.

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