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Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine, sterile needles into specific sites known as acu-points. The human body has over 500 acu-points along the various meridians. Stimulation of these acu-points clears any blockage and encourages the normal flow of qi (energy) through the body.

Kirk Wilson – Acupuncture & TCM often implements moxibustion, cupping and massage techniques to compliment the acupuncture treatment. Moxibustion involves the burning of a Chinese herb to heat the acupuncture needle and/or the acu-point. Cupping is the application of glass suction cups to the skin in order or to bring blood to that area to aid the healing process.


Chinese herbal medicine involves the use of substances from nature to regulate and normalise bodily functions. Most Chinese herbs are of plant origin (leaves, seeds, twigs, stems, roots flowers and fruits) though some animal and mineral substances may be used.

Chinese herbs can be taken singly or in combination. Traditionally, the herbs are slowly simmered in a ceramic pot and the resulting liquid (decoction) taken as prescribed. At Meridian Healing Centre, we dispense our herbal formulas in powdered granule form. This means preparing your herbal medicine is as easy as making a cup of instant coffee.


There are a wide variety of disorders that can be treated.

Neurological : Headaches; migraines; difficulty sleeping; nervous tension; stroke; some forms of deafness; facial and inter-costal neuralgia; trigeminal neuralgia; some forms of paralysis; sequalae of poliomyelitis; peripheral neuropathy; noise in the ears; dizziness; Menieres disease.

Cardio-vascular system : High or low blood pressure; fluid retention; chest pain; angina pectoris; poor circulation; cold hands and feet; muscle cramps.

Respiratory system : Bronchial asthma; acute and chronic bronchitis; acute tonsillitis; rhinitis; sinusitis; hay fever; chronic cough; laryngitis; sore throat; influenza and the common cold.

Digestive system : Toothache; post-extraction pain; gingivitis; mouth ulcers; hiccough; spasms of the oesophagus; gastric and duodenal ulcers; gastric hyperacidity; gastritis; heartburn; hiatus hernia syndrome; flatulence; paralytic ileus; colitis; diarrhoea; constipation; irritable bowl syndrome; haemorrhoids; liver and gall bladder disorders; loss of appetite; weight control.

Uro-genital systems : Cystitis; prostatitis; orchitis; low sexual vitality; impotence; urinary retention; urinary tract infection; kidney disorders; nocturnal enuresis; neurogenic bladder dysfunction.

Gynecology and obstetrics : Premenstrual tension; painful, heavy, irregular or absence of periods; abnormal uterine bleeding or discharge; hormonal disturbances; disorders associated with menopause; prolapse of the uterus or bladder; difficulty with conception; morning sickness.

Skin : Eczema; dermatitis; psoriasis’ nerve rash; herpes zoster; scar tissue and resultant adhesions; hair loss; dandruff.

Eyes : Visual disorders; red, sore, itchy or watery eyes; conjunctivitis; simple cataracts; myopia in children; central retinitis.

Musculo-vascular system : Osteoarthritis; sciatica; lumbago; lower back pain; weak back; rheumatoid arthritis; rheumatism; fibromyalgia; gout; tenosynovitis; shoulder and neck pain; cervicobrachial syndrome, “frozen shoulder” and “tennis elbow”.

Sporting injuries : Sprained ankles and knees; cartilage problems; corking and tearing of muscles; torn ligaments; bruises.

Psychological : Depression; phobias; emotional disturbances; anxiety; nervousness; addictions such as smoking.

(The disorders listed in bold type are recognised by the World Health Organisation (1979) as being successfully treatable by acupuncture.)

For more details, visit our websites at www.meridianhealing.com.au or www.fertilityacupuncturesydney.com.au

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