The best Sydney Jewellery Stores all under the one roof

The Dymocks Building is home to the largest collection of jewellery stores all under one roof. Experience the beautiful craftsmanship of our talented boutique retailers and explore their unique creations in the heart of Sydney's CBD shopping destination.

Offering everything from bespoke and made-to-order pieces, to gem setting, antique jewellery pieces, repairs, valuations and trading. The Dymocks Building is your one stop shop for show-stopping jewellery pieces that add the exclamation point to your outfit.

Like a kid in a lolly shop, you'll be hypnotised by the abundance of talented creators. You can find it all at The Dymocks Building, George Street, Sydney.


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The Dymocks Building Sydney CBD shopping centre

"People come here to have things handmade and to talk to the person whose actually going to make it."


- Ron Crisp from Ron Crisp - Designer and Jeweller

Expect the unexpected
Discover levels 1-10

Dedicated to the passionate, hardworking business owners who have committed their lives to sharing their passion. This is for the dressmakers, the designers, the jewellers, the collectors, the tailors & the professionals that make our building so unique.

You won't discover the secrets until you venture above where every floor is different.

The Dymocks Building Sydney CBD shopping centre




Mosso 1

It’s here you’ll find Arsen Sargksian, our award-winning jeweller crafting each piece, with beautiful settings and individually selected gems to bring to life each design. He’s spent a lifetime dedicated to superior craftsmanship, drawing attention to each individual’s personal expression and connection to the world we live in.

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