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The A-Z of The Dymocks Building. From Automobile books to Zebra print shoes.

Everyone is an individual and one size does not fit all. That's why, at The Dymocks Building, our range of fashion, gifts and collectables are guaranteed to wow at every occasion.

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The Dymocks Building shopping centre sydney city

"What an amazing place this building is. It's an eclectic mix of fashion, bridal, jewellery, beauticians and then there's us, a tackle shop, and we've been here so long. It's amazing."


- Lionel Kemp from The Compleat Angler.

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Dedicated to the passionate, hardworking business owners who have committed their lives to sharing their passion. This is for the dressmakers, the designers, the jewellers, the collectors, the tailors & the professionals that make our building so unique.

You won't discover the secrets until you venture above where every floor is different.

The Dymocks Building shopping centre sydney city




Allen’s Formal is a family business that has operated for over 40 years, specialising in wedding and evening dresses. We are able to create the design and make the customised style the customer is looking for.

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