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Hair, Health & Beauty - relax, indulge, rejuvenate and pamper yourself at one of our amazing service retailers.

Taking care of yourself has never been easier. With a unique mix of wellbeing, hair, health & beauty professionals available, the Dymocks Building is Sydney CBD's hidden shopping gem that will have you looking and feeling your best in your lunch break!

Explore our range of professional health services below, book in for an indulgent beauty pamper session, or dig a little deeper with one of our alternative and complimentary health practitioners.

Investing in your Hair Health & Beauty and wellbeing is always money well spent.


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The Dymocks Building shopping centre sydney city

Be rest assured that you'll be getting only genuine and the best hair & beauty products products or treatments of well-known brands and owner operated businesses that generally care about the health & beauty of their clients.

"I love that there are so many affiliated businesses here in The Dymocks Building, such as physiotherapists, yoga and pilates instructors, chiropractors and podiatrists to name a few. We're in a great medical service centre."


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Dedicated to the passionate, hardworking business owners who have committed their lives to sharing their passion. This is for the dressmakers, the designers, the jewellers, the collectors, the tailors & the professionals that make our building so unique.

You won't discover the secrets until you venture above where every floor is different.

The Dymocks Building shopping centre sydney city




Xavier is originally from Hong Kong. He has been in the hairdressing industry for more than 12 years. With passion and dedication, Xavier has built a good reputation in the industry and a highly satisfying clientele. Xavier believes that the best result comes from a good understanding of the client’s need and want. Thus he employs a concept of OADI (“O”bservation, “A”sking Questions, “D”iscussion, “I”magination) for every client.

Elevate Your Well-being with Our Exclusive Services

rrrrSelf-care often takes a back seat in the fast-paced hustle of daily life. However, prioritising self-care is not just a luxury; it's a necessity.

Let's delve into why self-care is crucial and how our 30+ hair, health and beauty salons in the heart of Sydney CBD are designed to be your sanctuary of well-being:

  • Stress Management — Modern life can be incredibly stressful, leading to various health issues. Regular self-care practices, such as spa treatments, massages and relaxation sessions, can significantly reduce stress levels.
  • Confidence Boost — Taking care of your appearance plays a significant role in boosting self-esteem and confidence. Whether it's a fresh haircut, a rejuvenating facial or a stylish makeup session, our hair and beauty salons are equipped to enhance your natural beauty.
  • Enhanced Physical Health — Self-care goes beyond beauty treatments. Our Sydney health shops offer premium supplements and organic products that help improve your overall health. From vitamins that support your immune system to natural skincare products, we’ve got you covered.
  • Improved Mental Health — Self-care activities can significantly affect your mental health. Taking time for relaxation, mindfulness and pampering sessions can alleviate anxiety and depression, and contribute to a more positive mindset.
  • Balanced Priorities — Juggling work, family and personal commitments can be overwhelming. Allocating time for self-care helps create balance in your life, preventing burnout and ensuring you have the energy to tackle daily challenges.

Why Choose Us for Hair and Makeup in Sydney CBD

Embark on a beauty adventure in the heart of Sydney CBD, where expert hairstylists and makeup artists await to transform your look. Discover salons that are not just places for pampering but havens of creativity and skill. 

Here's why our Sydney CBD hair and makeup services stand out:

  • Expertise in Every Strand — Our salons boast a team of skilled hairstylists who are masters in the art of hairdressing. From classic cuts to avant-garde styles, entrust your locks to professionals who understand the language of hair.
  • Glamorous Makeup Artistry — Experience makeup application that enhances your natural beauty. Whether it's a subtle day look or a show-stopping evening glam, our makeup artists tailor their skills to your vision, ensuring you feel confident and radiant.
  • Latest Trends and Techniques — Stay on the cutting edge of beauty with salons that embrace the latest trends and techniques. From balayage to precision cuts, our hairstylists are equipped with the knowledge to bring your hair goals to life.

Nurture Your Overall Health with Our Sydney Health Shops

Your journey to wellness begins with our curated health shops offering a range of products. Explore the diverse offerings that make our health shops in Sydney the go-to destinations for health enthusiasts:

  • Premium Supplements — Discover a selection of premium supplements that cater to various health goals. Whether you're looking for vitamins, minerals or other nutritional supplements, our health shops prioritise quality and effectiveness.
  • Organic and Natural Products — Embrace a holistic approach to health with our Sydney health shops' array of organic and natural products. From skincare to nutritional snacks, our shelves prioritise your health and the environment.
  • Expert Consultation and Advice — Our health shops don't just offer products; they provide expert advice to guide you on your wellness journey. Knowledgeable staff members are ready to assist you in selecting the right goods for your specific needs.

Spoil Yourself at The Ultimate Self-Care Destination

Imagine a place where beauty, wellness and indulgence converge — that's the promise of The Dymocks Building. With over 30 hair, health and beauty salons, we are your one-stop destination for ultimate self-care. 

Here's why you should visit us:

  • Convenience — Everything you need for a pampering session is conveniently located under one roof. No need to hop from place to place — our building offers a seamless and integrated self-care experience.
  • Variety of Choices — With over 30 salons to choose from, you have the luxury of selecting the services and products that align with your preferences. Each salon has unique offerings, ensuring diverse options for your beauty and wellness needs.
  • Quality Assurance — We take pride in hosting salons and health shops in Sydney that prioritise quality and professionalism. When you step into our building, you can trust that you are entering spaces committed to delivering excellence in every service and product.

Invest in Your Health and Beauty Today

Ready to immerse yourself in a world of glamour and well-being? The 30+ hair, health, and beauty salons in our building are waiting to elevate your self-care experience!

Contact us for more information or to schedule your next pampering session.

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