We’re thrilled to welcome Goelia to our building! Goelia is renowned for its stylish and high-quality women’s fashion. Discover their beautiful collections and find your new favourite pieces.

Established in 1995, GOELIA was born with a singular vision: to craft garments with sincerity that transcend borders. In the past 30 years, GOELIA has been sharing the beauty of nature and cultures in more than 30 cities that she has visited. A vivid testimony of Travel more, live more. GOELIA believes in Travel more, live more. This phrase refers to more than a physical voyage. It is a lifestyle and a mindset: positive, open-minded, eager to explore new adventures.

GOELIA’s concept for making garments, which is called Cheng-Fashion aesthetic, is a testament of fabrics steeped in sincerity, craftsmanship born of genuine dedication, and pricing that reflects honesty. We meticulously select premium materials, prioritizing natural and renewable fibers, resulting in designs that transcend trends. All this, coupled with pricing marries exceptional quality and value. Cheng-Fashion represents a blend of high quality and great value, a principle we cherish as we create lasting garments for every woman.

We offer an exclusive discount to all of our customers visiting GOELIA ON GEORGE with amazing items available at up to 50% off!
Enjoy shopping in our elegant and spacious store.